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2019 October : Koburyu

Early in October were organized by Jean Smith Sensei three Karate and Kobudo seminars school
There took place in Paris, Tours & Toulouse.

I assisted Paris and Toulouse (my hometown).
In Paris Kinjo sensei presented his school Koburyu he created  based on Uechi-Ryu Karate and Matayoshi Kobudo.

We worked a lot on closing spaces and Yin/Yang concept.
We were all amazed by the speed of Kinjo sensei and the essence of his own way analyzing other sports such as Base ball biomechanics to include it in his art.
In paris, 
I worked with British & American people as I was translating in English Kinjo sensei explanations.


It was a great opportunity for me to work with great practitioners such as Terry Donoghue from Scotland and George Chaplin who trained with Kanei Uechi.

For Japanese translation we had in Paris Gregory Burgel (Bugei Kenkyukai) and Shimabukuro sensei (who introduced Uechi-Ryu in France)


These seminars were a great opportunity to train and to meet practitioners from different styles.

I was very happy to support Kinjo sensei seminars and having time with him and Masami sensei to discuss and enjoy good time.


Kinjo sensei is a fantastic teacher and an impressive practitioner it represents for me the good and the true spirit of a sensei : creative, friendly, empowering and kind.

During these seminars we had the luck to have Guy Sauvin (former World Champion) who is an Expert in internal karate.  His explanation and sometimes his tips were very accurate and helpful to understand Yin/Yang work performed with Kinjo sensei.

That was a fantastic month of training very motivating and giving us a new way of training.
We trained with French, English, Scottish, American, Spanish and Portugese Karatekas/ Kobudokas showing that Karate & Uechi-Ryu is a great family !


Kinjo sensei will be back in France in October 2020.
I will of course communicate the dates soon and will be very happy to meet you there !




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