Uechi-Ryu Karate between Tradition & Modernity

I'm really happy to present through this website these 2 major schools of Okinawan Martial Arts : Uechi-Ryu Karate & Okinawan Kobudo. For these 2 schools you will find different articles about history, specificities, great masters, ..... Regarding Okinawa I tried to present this fantastic Island with these different aspects. On the training & conditioning I will try to update regularly my Blog by sharing the training tips I tried which is of course not exhaustive.... If you need more and want me to write specific articles, feel free to ask me through the contact form... I always reply ! As said by Mattson Sensei : 'Train Often, Train smart'


You will find here my latest updates

  • Grand Master Kinjo Seminars

    Grand Master Takashi Kinjo (Kobudo & Karate 10th degree) will be exceptionaly in France early October 2019. Kinjo Sensei is a well known Pangainoon & Okinawan Kobudo Grand Master he studied with Itokazu Seiki (Karate) and Shimpo Matayoshi (Kobudo). He’s training from more than 65 years and was awarded 10th degree Grand Master. It is an […]

  • HOW LONG does it takes to earn a BLACK BELT ?

    That’s the questions I received the most in the last couple of Months. That’s indeed a good question even if earning a Black Belt is not a Time Trial but a kind of gaining maturity in your Uechi skills, stamina, Balance & Coordination. As when I earned my green belt and decided to try to […]

  • Big June !

    June 2019 was an amazing month and a huge one for me. Indeed after only 3 years of training it was my shodan test but let’s start from the begining …. We started the last days of May with the Uechi-Ryu French Cup week-end followeed by Uechi family visit in Toulouse (Kansho, Kanyu & Kanishiro). […]

  • Uechi-Ryu French Cup 2019

    Last May 25th  Uechi-Ryu French Cup was held in Paris area. Yep we are early July and I’m more than late… but you will understand in the Big June post why I am so late. Every year  Uechi-Ryu Europe is organizing the French Cup. The cup is attended by many practitioners coming from France but […]

  • Uechi Brothers in France

    May will be a busy month for Uechi Practitioners ! Indeed all start with the yearly Uechi-Ryu French Cup the 25th of May (sparring & Kata) in Maisons-Laffite (Paris area). The French Cup will be chaired by Kansho and Kanyu Uechi flying directly from Okinawa !              The Sunday May 26th,  Uechi-Ryu […]

  • Interview Of Yoshitsune Senaga

    Today we learned from IOC that Karate will no more be in the Olympics after Tokyo. This has caused a lot of emotion and the Karate community is still divided about the presence or not in the Olympics. I will not enter in the debate of the day as I can completely understand the frustration […]

  • Happy New Year !

    2019 has started letting behind us the good & bad memories of 2018. I take the opportunity of this post to wish a fantastic 2019 year to you and your family. On my side, I continue to work to improve my Uechi-Ryu Skills, I’ve started 2019 by working Konchin with Sensei George.  On the other hand I […]

  • Uechi-Ryu Karate DVD

    Uechi-Ryu DVD directed by Lionel Froidure is available for pre-order (delivery early jan’19). Shootage took place in May this year in Toulouse area (France) during the annual Uechi-Ryu camp in Toulouse (oragnized by Cugnaux Shubukan & Toulouse Shubukan). This DVD will present you key Uechi Karate concepts executed by Yukinobu Shimabukuro (8th dan) , Jean […]

  • Kata Circuit Training

    As said previously, Circuit Training is a very powerful exercise to improve your stamina, your strength and reduce your body fat. I wanted to share with you a kind of routine I use on weekly basis during my preparation phase (we will talk later about periodization). During the Off season I tend to do only […]

  • Circuit Training

    Circuit Training is a method of resistance training or weight training maximizing the volume of work done in a limited period of time. It consists of performing several exercises on multiple body parts in a row, with little rest in between exertions. The aim is to train different muscular groups consecutively. The most common sequence […]

  • Karate & Heart-Rate

    You should have seen on my photo displayed in frontpage  : I’m wearing a watch. This is not a mistake in fact it’s an Heart Rate Monitor. Heart Rate monitoring is the basis of numerous sports. It was firstly introduced in endurance sport such as running & cycling. The first heart rate monitor was […]

  • Euronews Report

    In the frame of Karate introduction in Tokyo Olympics Euronews channel presents in a short report Okinawan Karate as the secret to a long & healthy life. This report has been shot in Kenyukai Dojo (Naha), the Uechi-Ryu practitioners will recognize Hojo-Undo Training & Seisan Kata training. Even if is a short report I wanted […]

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