Pangainoon (半硬軟) was brought from China by Kanbun Uechi.
Indeed  during his ten years stay in Fujian area, Kanbun studied Pangai Noon.
Pangai Noon is the initial art of the Karate-Do practised today.

Pangainun meaning in Mandarin is half hard/half soft style; it was a Kung Fu Style from Fukien area .
This duality Hard/Soft  highlight the ability of adaptation : a soft counter attack will reply to hard attack and conversely.

This Kung-fu style (taught in Shaolin Temple) is based on dragon, Tiger & White Crane technics.

Pangainun had only 3 katas : Sanchin, Seisan and  Sanseiryu

Sanchin (三戦) literaly ”three fights/conflicts ” (Mind, Body and Spirit).

For Kanbun Uechi « All is in Sanchin ». This kata which should seem easy is in fact the most complex. Mastering sanchin is a story of life.
Sanchin is the real basis of Uechi system using basic stance and basic technics such as the famous circular block used in every kata.
Sanchin is also used as strength conditioning with the Sanchin Kitae (when the sensei checks student body).

Seisan (十三 ) literaly « thirteen »

Seisan   has several explanation :
– 13 as thirteen modes of attack and defense.
– 13 as 13 years old 13 years old boys were considered as mature in Ryukyu kingdom
– 13 as 13th Room Kata of Shaolin temple
This Kata compiles all the technics previously taught by the first katas and was the favourite one of Kanbun Uechi.

Sanseiryu (三十六) literaly « thirty-six »

“thirty-six” has several explanations :
– 36 as 36 modes of attack and defense
– 36 as 36th chambre of Shaolin Temple. Indeed Shu Shiwa was also called the 36th Room Priest
This Kata combines all the technics previously learned in Uechi Katas (Tiger, White Crane & Dragon Technics).

On top of the empty-hands practice (kata & fight), Pangainoon practicionner were used to train with traditional weapons such as Bo (six-foot long staff) and nunchaku (threshing flail).

The Bo was the staff used to transport the basket of merchandise.
Bo technics were developed in Okinawa with the  Kobudo (沖縄古武道).

Nunchaku is the weapon well popularized by Bruce Lee movies.
Based on threshing flail it is composed by two sections of wood connected by a cord.
This is very powerful weapon allowing  quick attacks & defense. By mastering nunchaku, practitioner will be able to disarm his opponent.