Uechi-Ryu Katas

Sanchin (三戦) litteraly ”three fights/conflicts ” (Mind, Body and Spirit).

For Kanbun Uechi « All is in Sanchin ». This kata which should seem easy is in fact the most complex. Mastering sanchin is a story of life.
Sanchin is the real basis of Uechi system using basic stance and basic technics such as the famous circular block used in every kata.
Sanchin is also used as strength conditioning with the Sanchin Kitae (when the sensei checks student body).
In summary mastering Sanchin Kata you will have to face a triple challenge  with softness, timing, and power.

Kanshiwa (完子和 )

From Kanji  Kan (完 )  in tribute to Kanbun Uechi and Shiwa (子和  ) in tribute to  Shu Shiwa.

This kata is mainly focused in the learning of circular blocks – Mawashi Uke. This block is the basis of Uechi Ryu style; this block is done with the hand open.

Kanshiwa is the first kata using kicks (Sokuto Geri, Shomen Geri) and is finishing with the specific Uechi Punch – Shoken Tsuki.

The use of Shoken Tsuki is based on human pressure point as the punch is very precise.

Kanshu (完周 )

From Kan Kanji (完 ) for  Kanbun Uechi et and Shu Kanji (周) for Shu Shiwa.

Kanshu Kata formerly named Daini Seisan was designed to introduce white crane technics and preâre Uechi students to Seisan Kata.
Kanshu teaches very precise technics with adequate timing.

Seichin (十戦 ) literraly the « ten fights ».

Seichin (十戦 )  is considered as the most chinese kata with circular technics, use of cat stance, whip-like dragon style.

Seisan (十三 )  literraly  “thirteen”.

Seisan   has several explanation :
– 13 as thirteen modes of attack and defense.
– 13 as 13 years old 13 years old boys were considered as mature in Ryukyu kingdom
– 13 as 13th Room Kata of Shaolin temple

This Kata compiles all the technics previously taught by the first katas.
Seisan is the second Kata brought from China by Kanbun (it was his favorite one).
Seisan kata is required for 1st degree black belt test  (Shodan).

Seiryu (十六) litteraly “sixteen”. .

This Kata is smart to be seen but requires a very good coordination and stability and it uses dragon technics in four different directions.

Kanchin (完戦)

Kanchin (完戦) from  Kani kanji (完 ) and Chin kanji (戦) –Battle/Fight  seems the Battle of Kanbun.
It was created by Kanbun’s son Kanei.
Kanchin kata was desiged with the use of the technics Kanei enjoyed to learn with his father.

Sanseiryu (三十六) literally  “thirty-six” .

“thirty-six” has several explanations :
-36 as 36 modes of attack and defense
– 36 as 36th chambre of Shaolin Temple. Indeed Shu Shiwa was also called the 36th Room Priest

This Kata combines all the technics previously learned in Uechi Katas (Tiger, White Crane & Dragon Technics).
Sanseiryu is the third and last kata brought from China by Kanbun Uechi.