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Grand Master Kinjo Seminars

Grand Master Takashi Kinjo (Kobudo & Karate 10th degree) will be exceptionaly in France early October 2019.

Kinjo Sensei is a well known Pangainoon & Okinawan Kobudo Grand Master he studied with Itokazu Seiki (Karate) and Shimpo Matayoshi (Kobudo).

He’s training from more than 65 years and was awarded 10th degree Grand Master.

It is an exceptional visit in Europe as previous one   was in 1995.  

Jean Smith Sensei  (Uechi-Ryu 6th degree and Kobudo 5th Degree) is organizing with Takashi Kinjo Sensei 3 seminars in October :

  • Paris : 3-4 October
  • Tours : 5-6 October
  • Toulouse : 12-13 October

Each seminar will be 2 days long and will include daily Kobudo and Karate sessions.
Attendees can select if they want to attend both Karate & Kobudo sessions or if the went to do only one sport.

Kinjo Sensei & Smith Sensei

Pre-Booking is open and we are expecting lot of people coming different countries.
Some Grand Masters such as Yukinobu Shimabukuro (Uechi-Ryu Soke Representative in Europe) will attend these seminars.

2 days seminar Ticket is 35 Euros for Karate or Kobudo and 60 Euros for both.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me  I will liaise with Jean Smith Sensei for your Booking.



  • Thomas piacentini

    Dear Lionel / Sensei Smith,
    I learned of the October Koshukai’s from Sensei Mattison’s mailing list. Thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful event. I would like to learn more about the Paris date (schedule, how to pay, accommodations, etc). I am a longtime member of Kenyukai NA with a small dojo in the US (see Kenyukai NA website). I am hoping that i can attend.
    Merci Beaucoup.

  • lionel

    Hello Thomas for Paris there are 2 sessions scheduled Oct 3rd & 4th each day from 7 PM to 10 Pm
    The dojo is located near a metro station so easy to go.
    I send you the complete detail per emal, can you please confirm me if you have received it.

    All the best hoping to meet you in Paris.


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