Mattson sensei in Bugeisha

Bugeisha issue#11 is available with George Mattson in the cover page (see above). 2 very interesting articles Bugeisha is a well know Martial Arts Magazine born in the 90’s and reborn in 2021. In the Jan’22 issue, you will find 2 articles related to Uechi-Ryu Grand Master.The first one has been written written by Roy […]

Koburyu Kobudo Seminar

With the covid-related restrictions there are sometimes positive things appearing.Being confined at home or on our area allow us with the help of internet to be closer to Okinawa and train on line with Grand Masters. Saturday 5th of March Kinjo sensei will held a kobudo lesson on the Tonfa basics. Born in 1939, Kinjo […]

Train with Shimabukuro sensei

The Facebook Group of World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners is organizing an exceptional on-line event with Shimabukuro sensei Saturday 9th of January at 2:00PM (CET). During this session Shimabukuro sensei and Didier Lorho (French Federal Expert) will be on line to work with you and show the specificities of the Uechi-Ryu of Futenma. Indeed Shimabukuro sensei is […]

Suparenpei – learning Fujian Kata

As you know Uechi-Ryu style has only eight katas.The original three were brought from China by Kanbun Uechi when he studied in the Fujian (China) : Sanchin (Core kata of Uechi System) Seisan Sanseiryu The system was later modernized by Kanbun’s son Kanei. He added traditional warm up (junbi undō) and basic standardized (hojo undō) […]

European Kobukai 2020 Event

From July 11th to 13th,  the first European Kobukai event took place in Toulouse area (France). This first European seminar has been held but unfortunately without our Spanish and Portuguese friends. We hope to see them very soon when this pandemic will decrease. It was for French practitionner a back to real training as from […]