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Sanchin Training

As said by all the Uechi Masters ‘all is in Sanchin’ and indeed more you practice by learning new Katas and more you feel the need to improve your Sanchin kata.
All basics stances, punches, blocks are in Sanchin.

That’s exactly what I’m currently experiencing.
After learning  Seiryu I really felt the need to work closely Sanchin in relation with this kata.

I had the same feeling after Seisan intensive practice but this one was something normal (according to me). Indeed Seisan and Sanchin are the original pangainoon katas and have lot of similar sequences.
Seiryu is different and has a really nice design.

Sanchin practice is also interesting for conditioning. Every 2 sessions I include Sanchin kata with weights.

First exercise is done with kettlebell (without arms movements) and the second one with dumbbells (in Sanchin kamae).I find these 2 exercises very powerful for conditioning and to optimize your Sanchin stance and kata (you feel a huge difference when you perform normal Sanchin after these exercises).