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I am super happy to share with you a new website I have just finished to build :

This website is the outcomes of many exchanges I add with Kinjo sensei and his wife Masami sensei.

The Koburyu (孝武流)has been founded by Takashi Kinjo sensei ( 金城 孝).
It is both a karate & Kobudo School.
Kinjo sensei was a student of Shinpo Matayoshi (Kobudo) and Itokazu Seiki (Uechi-Ryu) and he built a method based on Karate & Kobudo complementarity adding his own view of Bujutsu (武術) mainly based on natural moves.

Why this website ?

Kinjo sensei is not well known in western and he deserved to be more known. Indeed he is a fantastic sensei and an impressive practitioner.
In 2019, I had the luck to work with him during 2 seminars and during the pandemic to work on line with him and Masami sensei.
In 2020, Jean Smith asked me to support the foundation of European Kobukai (Kobudo) to promote Kinjo sensei’s Kobudo.
I am training using Kinjo’s principles and I find them very useful; whatever you are training Kobudo, Karate; Koburyu will give you a great push in your progress and in the way you will understand how your body is moving.

Kinjo sensei’s principles

Kinjo sensei in his Naha Dojo

Kinjo sensei used to say that at his age (he’s born in 1939) his main sensei is the nature; his moves need to be natural and he works his punches in the same manner as the waves shocking the rocks.
In the same manner he is using a lot Yin/Yang (In-Yo in Japanese) concept to improve his students skills.

In-Yo Concept applied to hands techniques

Kinjo sensei is fantastic synthesis of Uechi-Ryu & Kobudo (Shinpo Matayoshi & Itokazu Seiki), his training his a piece for Martial Arts history.
If you want to know more, give it a go to

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