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Training with Takehiro Gaja Sensei

Takehiro Gaja (Okinawa Uechi-Ryu 9th degree) was a student of Kanbun & Kanei Uechi. It is unfortunately not so common to get the opportunity to learn from a such Grand Master.
Gaja sensei has been recently interviewed by Chris Wilson. During his chat Gaja sensei explains his way of training with Uechi-Ryu & Kobudo; we already discussed the complementarity during Kinjo sensei venue.

Takehiro Gaja’s interview by Chris Willson :

Training with Gaja sensei

I had the luck to train with Gaja sensei during an on-line session in November 2020.
This strange year we are living has forced them to put distance with our loved ones and in the mean time allowing us to shorten the distance using the digitalized tools.

During this session Gaja sensei shared lot of tips on different techniques such as mawashi uke, nukite, … showing us the evolution of our martial art.

You will find below the complete session. If you are serious Uechi-Ryu martial artist, I recommend to take a pen and a notebook to keep some notes as this exchange is a kind of treasure :

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