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Train with Y.Shimabukuro – Full video

As explained in my previous post , Shimabukuro sensei & Didier Lorho were animated a remote session in the World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners Facebook Community .

During the 2 hours session Yukinobu Shimabukuro went back first in the most iconic Uechi-Ryu technique ‘Hirate Mawashi Uke’ explaining that for the Sōke branch it is a double block in a same technique.

Secondly we reviewed with him the different stances used in the Uechi-ryu. Lot of interesting points were raised by US & Greek practitioners.

Didier Lorho & Shimabukuro sensei shew the efficiency of Hard & Soft techniques in Self-defence applications.

Before the end, the 2 senseis demonstrated the way they do Seisan & Sanseiryu and went back in detail of the evolution of the Katas throughout the generations of Sōke (Y.Shimabukuro started to study Uechi-ryu in the 50’s).

Another session with Shimabukuro sensei will be planned in April’21.

You will find hereunder the complete video of the session :

I take the opportunity of this post to warmly thank the 2 senseis, Peggy & Antonis from the World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners Community.

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