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Train with Shimabukuro sensei

The Facebook Group of World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners is organizing an exceptional on-line event with Shimabukuro sensei Saturday 9th of January at 2:00PM (CET).

During this session Shimabukuro sensei and Didier Lorho (French Federal Expert) will be on line to work with you and show the specificities of the Uechi-Ryu of Futenma.

Indeed Shimabukuro sensei is the representative of the Soke in Europe & in Russia. Didier Lorho is the President of ‘Uechi-Ryu Europe’ representing the Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Association (上地流空手道協会).

As a member of ‘Uechi-Ryu Europe’ I have the luck to train with Shimabukuro sensei at least twice a year (except during COVID years).

He is a fantastic sensei and devoted his full life to spread the Uechi-Ryu in Europe; on top he is a fantastic man.
Shimabukuro sensei is 9th Degree Black Belt and I am sure you will learn a lot with him during this session.

Lorho sensei is one of the three Uechi-Ryu French Federal Experts and keen to perform impressive physical sessions (if you like Uechi-Ryu HIIT, he is THE man).

The session is free, to access it you just need to be a serious Uechi-Ryu practitioner and join the World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners Community on Facebook.

You can register by clicking on the following link : Register

Kanchin Kata by Shimabukuro sensei :

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