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Koburyu Kobudo Seminar

With the covid-related restrictions there are sometimes positive things appearing.
Being confined at home or on our area allow us with the help of internet to be closer to Okinawa and train on line with Grand Masters.

Saturday 5th of March Kinjo sensei will held a kobudo lesson on the Tonfa basics.

Born in 1939, Kinjo sensei has trained Uechi-Ryu with Kanei Uechi and Kobudo with Matayoshi sensei.
He then opened his dojo and built his school KOBURYU 孝武流 based on the duality of Kobudo & Karate.

We had the luck to welcome Kinjo sensei in 2019 in Paris (see below).

The 5th of March we will work with him and with Masami sensei the tonfa basics by learning the first kata of Tonfa weapon called ‘Tunkwa Dai Ichi’.`

There are style some places available an if you need someone to translate in English, I will be very happy to do it.

If you want to work in advance the kata, here it is (performed by Jean Smith his representative in Europe).

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