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Hojo Undo

Hojo Undo was designed by Kanei Uechi to help students to understand better the different technics to be used during Kata performance.

Hojo Undo is regularly used during in Dojo sessions just after the warm up.

All the techniques are performed in Sanchin-Dachi (Basic Uechi Stance).


Feet stance in Sanchin Dachi

Basic Techniques List :

Shōmen geri  正面蹴り – Front kick

Sokutō geri 足刀蹴り – Side kick

Seiken zuki  正拳空き – Circle Block, Punch, Guide Block, Fist Punch

Mawashi zuki 廻し空き – Hook Punch

Shutō uchi Uraken uchi Shōken zuki手刀打ち裏拳打ち小拳空き– Circle Block, Chop, Backfits, One-knuckle punch 

Shōmen Hajiki  正面弾き – Fingertip strikes

Tenshin zensoku geri 転身前足蹴り – Turn-Block-Front Kick-Forward Leg

Tenshin kosoku geri  転身前後蹴り – Turn-Block-Front Kick-Back Leg

Tenshin shōken zuki 転身小拳空き – Turn-Block-One Knuckle Punch

Koi no shippo uchi, yoko uchi  鯉の尻尾打ち横打ち – Fish-tail wrist blocks

In order to facilitate your training, I have designed for you an Hojo Undo Poster you can print in A4 or if you can in A3 (the fonts are fully compatible with all the printers). 

Uechi-Ryu Karate Hojo-Undo

Hojo Undo (補助運動) was designed by Kanei Uechi.
It is the backbone of Uechi-Ryu by learning and repeating the basic techniques of Uechi to be used in Kata execution.
Traditionnaly, Hojo Undo exercises are done after warm up (Jumbi Undo).

Here is a proposal for Hojo Undo  sequence :

  1. Shōmen geri (正面蹴り) : Circular Block, Front Kick
  2. Sokutō geri (足刀蹴り)  : Circular Block , Side Kick
  3. Seiken zuki (正拳空き) : Circular Block, Closed Fist Punch
  4. Mawashi zuki (廻し空き) : Circular Block, Hook Punch
  5. Hajiki uke hiraken zuki (平拳受け平拳空き) : Tiger Paw Blocks and Strike
  6. Shutō uchi Uraken uchi Shōken zuki (手刀打ち裏拳打ち小拳空き) : Chop, Back-fist, One-knuckle punch
  7. Hiji zuki (肘空き) : Circular block, Elbow strikes
  8. Tenshin zensoku geri (転身前足蹴り) : Turn-Block-Front Kick-Forward Leg
  9. Tenshin kosoku geri (転身前後蹴り) : Turn-Block-Front Kick-Back Leg
  10. Tenshin shōken zuki (転身小拳空き) : Turn-Block-One Knuckle Punch
  11. Hajiki (弾き) : fingertip strikes
  12. Koi no shippo uchi, tate uchi (鯉の尻尾打ち縦打ち) : wrist blocks in four directions
  13. Koi no shippo uchi, yoko uchi (鯉の尻尾打ち横打ち) : Fish-tail wrist blocks
  14. Shinkokyu (深呼吸) : Deep breathing

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