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European Kobukai 2020 Event

From July 11th to 13th,  the first European Kobukai event took place in Toulouse area (France). This first European seminar has been held but unfortunately without our Spanish and Portuguese friends.
We hope to see them very soon when this pandemic will decrease.

It was for French practitionner a back to real training as from July 11th we had the right to train normally (lucky us) .
The seminar was led by Jean Sith (6th Degree Uechi Ryu – 5th Degree Kobukai) & Lazare Pouchard (5th Degree Uechi-Ryu – 3rd Degree Kobukai).

The days were not lazy ones as we had Uechi-Ryu Karate on the morning and Kobudo on the afternoon

Okinawa Kobudo


Kobudo sessions were the opportunity to improve their skills and for new comers to start the ‘Old Martial Art’ from Okinawa. 

Lazare Pouchard
Lazare Pouchard

During these three days all the weapons has been used : Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Eku.
All the aspects of Kinjo Sensei school were performed : Hojo Undo, Kata, Kata Kumi waza, ..

Tonfa Kata

Uechi-Ryu Karate

On Karate side, we worked deeply sanchin kata.
As you know this is the cornerstone of the Uechi System and we studied it from different angles. We started with the basics (as we had other styles with us), then going progressively to the Internal approach with the Yin/Yang concept and some traditional Chinese medicine concepts.

Jean Smith (French Expert)

We oved then from Sanchin to work all the other katas of the Uechi Karate, Kulite and Bunkai. Of course trying to put in place we have seen during Sanchin study.


My seminar

It was for me THE opportunity to work not only alone and this a great change hoping coronavirus with let us in peace.
I worked a lot the ‘Old Way’ with Mattson sensei and this seminar was a good complement to what I am doing at home with George.
The approach is slightly different as both Lazare and Jean are Shiatsu Practitioners but the aim is common.
I really enjoyed to see the Uechi community growing and the Kobukai community starting in Europe.

I hope you are all safe and we will be able to meet when Kinjo sensei will be back in Europe (more to come …).

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