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2019-2020 season a strange one ….

These past weeks I received several emails asking me about my ‘season training load’.
Normally I do that by year but the demand is quite correct as we normally start to train in September and finish early July.
On my side, my training is a part of my life so I continue to work on my own, with the support of Mattson sensei & Smith sensei.

This post will be in this case a quite normal follow up of my previous posts : 

This the first time I tend to assess my ‘season training load’ so it will be interesting to compare with the coming season.


What a Strange Season

With the invisible enemy called Coronavirus, the rules have completely changed and affected our way of training and our way of life.
As the chairman of Toulouse Shubukan, I was forced to close the dojo from March 13th and we will re open it early September.

As the most of you I discovered on-line live sessions and I was very pleased to have twice a week IUKF Euro workout with IUKF President Darin Yee.
Darin has already run more than 30 sessions and we will continue ..
I take the opportunity to really thank him for the support he has given to Euro IUKF members.

Live on-line session with Darin Yee

Regarding the normal seminars I attend 4 seminars (real one) : Kinjo sensei in Paris, Kinjo sensei in Toulouse, Shimabukuro sensei & Sauvin Sensei and the 1st European Kobukai seminar (post lockdown).

Great seminar with Great Masters

During the lockdown I had the opportunity to attend 2 on-line seminars : one with the French Federation and other one with Okinawan Karate.

Season summary

In term of overall activity, I ran a little more of 600hrs of training (620 exactly). This means around 12hrs weekly training.

As shown above : 450hrs of Uechi-Ryu, 120hrs of bike ride and 50hrs of trekking.

What is really amazing and not shown in the graph : the two third of my cycling were performed on Zwift and unfortunately not on the road (Winter Effect then Coronavirus Effect).

It is true that Pandemic forced us to re invent our way of training and our way of life.

Zoom session with Tokyo Dojo

Regarding on-line training (Cycling, Uechi-Ryu), I am more and more confident of his efficiency if it is well planned and organized.
Some of you have already asked me for these kind of sessions, I am currently thinking about that. 

Hope these figures will help you to plan your coming season.
Once more I hope you are all in good health.

All the best,


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