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Big June !

June 2019 was an amazing month and a huge one for me.

Indeed after only 3 years of training it was my shodan test but let’s start from the begining ….

We started the last days of May with the Uechi-Ryu French Cup week-end followeed by Uechi family visit in Toulouse (Kansho, Kanyu & Kanishiro).

Uechi-Ryu Seminar in Toulouse

10 days after this visit  I had the French Federation Black Belt test…
We were only 2 Uechi-Ryu practitioners and at the end of the test we had a lot of questions from the other candidates about our style and most of the shotokan practitioners were amazed by the Sanchin Stance and the open hands.

The result was good for me and my Uechi-Ryu brother Remy.

Nice belt isn’t it ?

I take this post opportunity to thank my teachers Jean Smith, Sébastien Langlais, Didier Besombes and all the members of the Toulouse Shubukan . I want too to warmly thank George Mattson for his great support and advise. Now … the real travel starts !


After a light recovery week (Shodan needs to be celebrated), we had the luck to have one seminar with Yukinobu Shimabukuro Sensei (Soke Representative in Europe).
Two days of intensive and very interesting training sessions covering all the aspects of Uechi-Ryu : Hojo-Undo, all katas, Kote Kitae, bunkai, self defense, …

Kote Kitae with Shimabukuro Sensei

Shimabukuro Sensei is a fantastic teacher and inspiring practitioner.
I was his sparring partner for demo and I have to confess that I finished the session much more tired than him :-).

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