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Uechi Brothers in France

May will be a busy month for Uechi Practitioners !

Indeed all start with the yearly Uechi-Ryu French Cup the 25th of May (sparring & Kata) in Maisons-Laffite (Paris area).

The French Cup will be chaired by Kansho and Kanyu Uechi flying directly from Okinawa !


The Sunday May 26th,  Uechi-Ryu Europe is organizing a Uechi-Ryu seminar with the two brothers !

The day Following ( May 27th) Kansho and Kanyu Uechi will chair a seminar organized  by Toulouse Shubukan in Toulouse Area.

All these seminars are open to all styles and you are all welcome; I will be very happy to meet you in these 2 seminars. If you need more information or if you want too book you can use sandairyu contact form (I will forward to the Organization).


Hoping to meet you in the seminars !

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