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Uechi-Ryu French Cup 2019

Last May 25th  Uechi-Ryu French Cup was held in Paris area.
Yep we are early July and I’m more than late… but you will understand in the Big June post why I am so late.

Every year  Uechi-Ryu Europe is organizing the French Cup.
The cup is attended by many practitioners coming from France but not only… Belgium, Marocco, Portugal, Russia, …. it is in fact the place to be to meet Uechi-Ryu Community in Europe.

Traditionnaly kata competition starts on Saturday morning and Kumite on the afternoon. The sunday is dedicated to Uechi-Ryu seminar where all competitors are attending and other practitioners and other style.

Kansho Uechi  was part of the judges during Kata competition and I got the honour to receive his vote in my last match (I lost the bronze for one vote).

Nice pic but match lost ….

During the seminar, he made a debriefing about the competition and dedicated one hour to correct the most common mistakes he noted during the competition; that was of course very appreciated and very interesting.
just after we worked on the corner stone of our School : Sanchin and the other katas.

After the kata work, we had sparring exercises with Kanyu Uechi who is more oriented in Kumite.
That was a fantastic week-end and I appreciated a lot to meet fantastic masters and practitionners.

The day after Kansho, Kanyu & Kanishiro Uechi went to visit my club in Toulouse and we organized a seminar with other styles ( below a video summary of the Toulouse Seminar) :

You will find more available on imagin’ the ‘Martial Arts Netflix’.

Imagin’arts is managed by other Lionel : Lionel Froidure.
Lionel is 6th dan in Shotokan and is travelling around the world to REALISER video on different Martial Arts. On Uechi-Ryu Lionel realized the Uechi-Ryu DVD of Shimabukuro Sensei.

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