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Interview Of Yoshitsune Senaga

Today we learned from IOC that Karate will no more be in the Olympics after Tokyo.
This has caused a lot of emotion and the Karate community is still divided about the presence or not in the Olympics.

I will not enter in the debate of the day as I can completely understand the frustration of the athletes who have waiting a decade to go to the Olympics. I’m an Olympic coach for Cycling and Para-Cycling; the medals we won with my riders are the key milestones of my coaching path.
Regarding Karate I have a more traditional view as I practice traditional Karate and I hope to practice it until my dying breath.

So in a nutshell, I have no clear statement –  I prefer to share with you this great interview of Yoshitsune Senaga preformed by Chris Willson .
Chris is a fantastic Photographer and Reporter and you can visit his Youtube Channel by clicking here.



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