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2020 Happy Uechi-Ryu Year

We are already the second week of January so I’m not so late to wish you a fantastic year 2020.

As highlighted in my previous posts, 2019 was a huge year for me and I hope 2020 will bring fantastic good surprises.

2020 will be an interesting budo year; in Europe we have for the time being 3 Key events :
– Uechi-Ryu French Cup & seminar in May (Paris – France)
– IUKF European Camp in September (Sandwich – Great Britain)
– Takashi Kinjo seminars in October (Tours & Toulouse – France)

Uechi-Ryu French Cup Week-end (France)

Planned from May 16th & 17th and organizaed by Yukinobu Shimabukuro sensei (European Soke Representative) & Uechi-Ryu Europe the cup is THE week-end to be in Paris.

Kata & Kumite competition will take place in Maison Laffite on Saturday and Uechi-Ryu seminars will be performed on Sunday at the National Institute of Judo.

This is a great event  with competitors coming from Spain, Belgium, Russia, Portugal …. And France (of course).
The Cup is a great opportunity too to meet fantastic practitioners and exchange with them.

Haruyoshi  Shimabukuro

The Uechi-Ryu Cup Guest will be Haruyoshi  Shimabukuro sensei and Daiki Shimabukuro sensei this year and they will lead a one day seminar.

IUKF European Camp (UK)

In September 19th & 20th , Lee Adams (IUKF Great Britain) is organizing an intensive week-end with both Karate & Kobudo sessions.
It will take place in Sandwich (Kent)

Grand Master George Mattson

Darin Yee (IUKF President) will attend with Grand Master George Mattson and Sensei Al Wharton – 9th Dan IUKF Bermuda

Kinjo Sensei Seminars (France)

In October, Jean Smith sensei will organize with Kobukai Europe the visit of Kaicho Kinjo Takashi .

The seminars held in 2019 were a great success and we hope to get again fantastic time with Kinjo sensei & Masami sensei.

I will update you with the detailed schedule in a coming post.

Once again I wish you all the best for 2020 with no more wildfire in Australia, Peace, Love, Brotherhood and a lot of FUN.

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