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Weekend with Shimabukuro sensei

From February 21st we had the great honor to receive Shimabukuro sensei for three days.
Yukinobu Shimabukuro is the Soke Representative (上地流空手道協会 Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association headed by Sadanao Uechi) in Europe and Russia.

Before the launch of the two days seminars (Feb 22nd & 23rd) Shimabukuro sensei took time on Friday in the Toulouse Shubukan for a specific evening session.

During this session we reviewed the basis and the 6 first katas Sanchin, Kanshiwa, Kanshu, Seichin, Seisan et Seiryu).
Shimabukuro sensei is very impressive practitioner with lot of energy shime and very careful with his students. He takes one moment with each student to correct the few details to perform the perfect move.
it was a great moment to receive advise from this great sensei.
We finished the session with the formal ceremony of the okinawan certificate signed by the Soke.

Next two were dedicated to the exceptiona seminar with Shimabukuro sensei and Sauvin sensei (former World Champion) hosted in the Blagnac Arts Martiaux Dojo (headed by Lionel Froidure) and co-organized by Toulouse Shubukan .

During these seminars we worked Uechi-Ryu application with self defense with open hands, Kote Kitae, dynamic work to improve punch and kicks impact, internal work, biomechanics, hitting with the ground concept.
It was a great seminar with full of advises and fun.
All the 60 attendees appreciated these 2 days but we finished all a little tired : refer to my face below 🙂

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