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Keep training during lockdown

Lockdown in Western Europe is still there (depending on the country) and in France we are starting the second month at home.
Dojo will not re open soon and we will be only allowed less than 10 people without any contact from early june (best view)
We are still in the same position as the third of the humanity confined at home.
I just discussed with my friends living in Japan and they confirmed that emergency state will extended by at least one month.

Another sport should be a complement

To be honest, being at home is sometimes something easy …. as I try to bring positivity at negative period, why not seeing it as an opportunity to change our training and discover or re-discover simple way of training ?
For me I decided to go cycling at home (I am a former road cyclist) we a connected Turbo Trainer and ZWIFT app.
It leads me to ride more than 600 miles from the start of the lockdown.
I even start circuit with mountains (not performed such things since 2004).
If you can, let’s change your routine and try other sport it could be a complement to your karate skills and bring more fresh minds (running, Yoga, crossfit, ..) of course respecting the safety and health measure applied to your country.

Virtual ride on Zwift

Back to basics

Most of us are considering the lockdown as a return to simple things : time with children, less pollution, better connection with nature, ….
Why do not considering it for our training too ?
Simple or better basics things in Uechi style are our Sanchin kata and in the Hojo Undo.
Sanchin is always considered as the cornerstone of Uechi Karate and Hojo-Undo considerd as an enabler to work properly the 8 katas of our school.

From the start of the lockdown, I received numerous emails and messages from you to get more sessions in .
I will try from this week to add more regularly (perhaps on weekly basis if I can) sessions or training tips.

Cornerstone Circuit

This week I will propose you a simple session enabling you to improve your stamina and your Uechi basic skills based on the  Circuit Training . We will work alternatively kicks and punch.

Warm Up : 10min
Sanchin x2
30sec rest
2x10x Shomen Geri (10 each side)
30sec rest
1x Sanchin
2x10x Seiken Tsuki
30sec rest
1x Sanchin
2x10x Sokuto Geri
30sec rest
1x Sanchin
3×10 Koi no shippo uchi, yoko uchi
30sec rest
1x Sanchin
2x10x Tenshin zensoku geri
30sec rest
1x Sanchin
2x10x Mawashi Tsuki
30sec rest
Sanchin x2
10min cool down & stretching

I hope this session will suit you and you will enjoy it.
If you have any comment or remarks, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form or on our Facebook Page.
Train smart and take care.



  • G. Seizan Breyette

    Hello Lionel,

    Very good tips and nice website. Please continue to inspire others to use their time wisely for training!

    I have a young man from Rennes in my dojo now, though he is attending college in Tokyo at this time. He was going to spend the summer training here, but now hopes all will be cleared for training next summer.

    Please visit my website and listen to the audio essays posted there:

    If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you’ll find an interesting history of the origins of kata and the differences between Kanbun Sensei’s and Kanei Sensei’s styles.

    Wishing you the best in training and life.

  • Mia Evans

    Thanks for pointing out that it would be best to complement your karate skills by changing some routines at times. I guess it would be best to work with a professional if you really wanted to learn Kobudo. I will share this tip with my brother since he plans to learn this skill just for a new hobby that he wants to have during the pandemic season.

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