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I'm really happy to present through this website these 2 major schools of Okinawan Martial Arts : Uechi-Ryu Karate & Okinawan Kobudo. For these 2 schools you will find different articles about history, specificities, great masters. If you need more and want me to write specific articles, feel free to ask me through the contact form... I always reply !


You will find here my latest updates

  • Mattson sensei in Bugeisha

    Bugeisha issue#11 is available with George Mattson in the cover page (see above). 2 very interesting articles Bugeisha is a well know Martial Arts Magazine born in the 90’s and reborn in 2021. In the Jan’22 issue, you will find 2 articles related to Uechi-Ryu Grand Master.The first one has been written written by Roy […]

  • Shimabukuro 2nd zoom session – Full video

    Before to start writing this few lines I would like to apologize, I am very late in my Blog update. The last months saw me to face 3 lockdowns and I spent the most of my time to work and train on-line. Today I want to share with you a session we had last month […]

  • Koburyu Kobudo Seminar

    With the covid-related restrictions there are sometimes positive things appearing.Being confined at home or on our area allow us with the help of internet to be closer to Okinawa and train on line with Grand Masters. Saturday 5th of March Kinjo sensei will held a kobudo lesson on the Tonfa basics. Born in 1939, Kinjo […]

  • Train with Y.Shimabukuro – Full video

    As explained in my previous post , Shimabukuro sensei & Didier Lorho were animated a remote session in the World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners Facebook Community . During the 2 hours session Yukinobu Shimabukuro went back first in the most iconic Uechi-Ryu technique ‘Hirate Mawashi Uke’ explaining that for the Sōke branch it is a double block […]

  • Train with Shimabukuro sensei

    The Facebook Group of World Uechi-Ryu Practitioners is organizing an exceptional on-line event with Shimabukuro sensei Saturday 9th of January at 2:00PM (CET). During this session Shimabukuro sensei and Didier Lorho (French Federal Expert) will be on line to work with you and show the specificities of the Uechi-Ryu of Futenma. Indeed Shimabukuro sensei is […]

  • Training with Takehiro Gaja Sensei

    Takehiro Gaja (Okinawa Uechi-Ryu 9th degree) was a student of Kanbun & Kanei Uechi. It is unfortunately not so common to get the opportunity to learn from a such Grand Master.Gaja sensei has been recently interviewed by Chris Wilson. During his chat Gaja sensei explains his way of training with Uechi-Ryu & Kobudo; we already […]

  • Victor Swinimer Suparenpei Kata Tournament

    In my previous post I presented the Suparenpei learning group.I will continue with this post as Mattson sensei proposed us to go for the 1st  Suparenpei International Tournament. Due to the COVID and the contenders spread of around the globe we did it remotely. We started with 60 persons learning the kata and finished with […]

  • Suparenpei – learning Fujian Kata

    As you know Uechi-Ryu style has only eight katas.The original three were brought from China by Kanbun Uechi when he studied in the Fujian (China) : Sanchin (Core kata of Uechi System) Seisan Sanseiryu The system was later modernized by Kanbun’s son Kanei. He added traditional warm up (junbi undō) and basic standardized (hojo undō) […]

  • 2019-2020 season a strange one ….

    These past weeks I received several emails asking me about my ‘season training load’.Normally I do that by year but the demand is quite correct as we normally start to train in September and finish early July.On my side, my training is a part of my life so I continue to work on my own, […]

  • European Kobukai 2020 Event

    From July 11th to 13th,  the first European Kobukai event took place in Toulouse area (France). This first European seminar has been held but unfortunately without our Spanish and Portuguese friends. We hope to see them very soon when this pandemic will decrease. It was for French practitionner a back to real training as from […]

  • Interview Canadian Podcast

    Martial Arts community is a world wide community.Our passion has been drastically changed due to the pandemic we are currently facing. A said by Oprah Winfrey : “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”Sharing a passion is sharing a part of your life.That’s exactly what occurred during the […]

  • Lockdown : Give Kobudo a go

    Lockdown has started in Western Europe from more than 2 Months; in some country we are starting a new phase including more freedom in our daily life. Unfortunately Coronavirus is still there and we need to continue living with it. New life Key words are now distanciating  and stay safe. During this period dojo remain […]

  • Keep training during lockdown

    Lockdown in Western Europe is still there (depending on the country) and in France we are starting the second month at home.Dojo will not re open soon and we will be only allowed less than 10 people without any contact from early june (best view)We are still in the same position as the third of […]

  • Training during Confinement

    We are all facing a unprecedent global pandemic episode pushing the most of the countries to confine people. I first hope you are all well and you will stay healthy. Confinement appears today the only way to to limit coronavirus propagation. This have an impact in our daily life (job, family, training, fitness level and […]

  • Weekend with Shimabukuro sensei

    From February 21st we had the great honor to receive Shimabukuro sensei for three days. Yukinobu Shimabukuro is the Soke Representative (上地流空手道協会 Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association headed by Sadanao Uechi) in Europe and Russia. Before the launch of the two days seminars (Feb 22nd & 23rd) Shimabukuro sensei took time on Friday in the Toulouse Shubukan […]

  • Exceptional Seminar in France (Toulouse)

    There is an exceptional seminar next 22nd & 23rd of Feb. It will take place in Toulouse (France) but very close to the airport so if you want to join it you are more than welcome and I will be very happy to translate in English. This week-end is exceptional as we will get 2 […]

  • 2020 Happy Uechi-Ryu Year

    We are already the second week of January so I’m not so late to wish you a fantastic year 2020. As highlighted in my previous posts, 2019 was a huge year for me and I hope 2020 will bring fantastic good surprises. 2020 will be an interesting budo year; in Europe we have for the […]

  • 2019 Summary

    2019 : a surprising year  ! I should have never expected to achieve all the things I’ve done : French Shodan, Uechi Ryu French Cup (5th in Kyu Kata), and the great honor to have been promoted Jun Shihan by sensei George Mattson. The most exciting for me were not all these achievements of course […]

  • 2019 November : new start

    After the seminars performed with Kinjo sensei ,  it was time for me to finalize a project proposed by Hanshi George Mattson. Indeed just after my Shodan, George Sensei asked me about my willing to teach Uechi-Ryu :’based on your experience of Elite Cycling Coach and regarding your karate skills you need to think about […]

  • 2019 October : Koburyu

    Early in October were organized by Jean Smith Sensei three Karate and Kobudo seminars school There took place in Paris, Tours & Toulouse. I assisted Paris and Toulouse (my hometown). In Paris Kinjo sensei presented his school Koburyu he created  based on Uechi-Ryu Karate and Matayoshi Kobudo. We worked a lot on closing spaces and […]

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