Ryukyu Islands

Geography :
Okinawa (沖縄)  is the largest of the Okinawa Islands and is located at the South east of Japan (roughly 640km from the South of Japan).
This islands had been and it is still and important crossroad between China, Japan &  Philippines.
This strategic location has a huge impact on Okinawa History who faced  lot of invasions and occupancies.

The surface is roughly  1,200 square kilometers. In the North of the Island we can find hilly forests and the majority of Okinawan people are living in the South of the Island.

Climate :

The island has a humid subtropical climate bordering on a tropical rainforest climate.
Even during summer Okinawa faces important rainfall (2083 mm yearly).

Naha Climatic Diagram (from

Okinawa was occupied by USA after World War II then retroceded to Japan.
Important US bases are in Okinawa Islands and some areas are very  americanized  with a part of  American old fashion (buildings were built in the 70’s).

Mihama American Resort Village