20th Century : the battle of Okinawa

The Battle of Okinawa was the last major battle of World War II and unfortunately  the bloodiest.
This battle involved more than  180,000 U.S.  soldiers vs 130,000 Imperial Army soldiers.

The Operation started the 1st of April 1945 and will last 82 days !

Bloodiest fightings took place along Naha-Shuri-Yonabaru line causing lot of victims (including civilians).

Okinawan people exodus

American soldiers were facing very determined Japanese soldiers and were fearing kamikaze attacks.

Landing in Okinawa 

At the end of this battle, the Island was completely destroyed, okinawan people were taken between two fires .
Loss are dramatically huge (80,000 for Imperial Army and 15,000 for Allied forces).

After World War II :

Island will be occupied by US Army after japanese surrender .

In 1972,Okinawa was retroceded to Japan and in 1978 the drive to left was reinstated (as it is Japan).

Nowaday, american presence in Okinawa is still important with an important marine base in Futenma.

Futenma Military Base