Okinawa Kobudo Sai

Sai (釵) is a three-pronged truncheon. It could be a non sense to have metalic weapon in that time in Okinawa as forges were placed under samurai quardianship. Its origins are various  : measuring tool or tool used to create furrows in the ground, ….
It was certainly introduced in Okinawa by Chinese soldiers as at that time there were numerous commercial exchanges between Okinawa & China.

This weapon seems similar to European dagger but is longer and not bladed. The Sai is used to block and punch (using both extremities).
The two shorter prongs on either side of the main shaft were used for samurai sword breaking.
In Okinawan Kobudo, Sai are used in pairs and require an important wrist flexibility.

Katas (カタ) :

Sai Kihon Ichi
Matayoshi No Sai Dai Ichi
Chinbaru No Sai

The Katas « Matayoshi no Sai dai ni » & « Chinbaru no Sai » are performed with three sais. The Third one is worn at the belt and launched.

Below the basic sai kata :  Sai Kihon Ichi :