Okinawa Kobudo Bo or long staff

The Bo (棒) is a six-foot  red oak  long staff,   generally tapered at either endest .
This specific endest geometry allows precise and very powerful strikes on pressure points.
Bo can be used to attack, defend, block and counter attack.
The main advantage of this weapon  is its range of action .

The Bo was in fact the tool to transport basket full of merchandise. It was quite obvious to use the Bo to defend from brigand attack.
Bo is the basic weapon of Kobudo and the first one to be used by new Kobudo practitioner.
Bo will be studied all along Kobudo degrees with numerous katas & Kumibo.

Katas (カタ) :

Bo Kihon Ichi
Bo Kihon Ni
Shushi No Kon
Choun No Kon
Sakugawa no kon
Shishi No Kon

As an illustration of the Bo multiple techniques , you can find below a video of Sushi No Kon (one of the most famous Bo Kata) from Koburyu School (Kinjo sensei) :